Judas Priest Art Allegedly Ripped Off on Gap T-Shirt

Judas Priest Art Allegedly Ripped Off on Gap T-Shirt
Bands and their iconic imagery have been ripped off by businesses for years, from small-scale bootleggers to corporate co-opters, and the cycle continues with allegations that iconic Brit heavy metal unit Judas Priest have allegedly been swindled by the design team at the Gap.

Metal Injection points to a recent Gap T-shirt design that's strikingly similar to the album cover to Priest's 1982 album Screaming for Vengeance. Both images feature a robotic bird soaring through the skies, and both have their winged creatures placed atop a coloured circle.

True, the Gap version has the bird, which appears to be rocket-assisted, pointed upwards instead of Doug Johnson's on-the-prowl original. Even so, if the company thought that bangers the world over wouldn't have recognized the similarities, well, they've got another thing comin'.

Hilariously, one shopper left a message on the Gap site praising the shirt, which she bought for her son, for being made from recycled materials. Little did she know, her description applies to the artwork, as well as that super-soft cotton blend.

Other recent victims of the same kind of shirt-centred shenanigans include Joy Division and Flipper, among others.