Jim O'Rourke Unveils 'Old News No. 9'

Jim O'Rourke Unveils 'Old News No. 9'
Wondering when sound guru Jim O'Rourke would serve up the next entry in his ongoing Old News archival series? The prolific experimenter will issue the ninth volume on November 4 through Editions Mego, but oddly, it will feature some pretty recent compositions from O'Rourke.

A press release confirms the misnomer and lists that the LP includes a quartet of compositions under the banner "Four Endings" that were recorded between 2012 and 2013 in the Steamroom in Tokyo. Though sound samples have yet to arrive, the record is said to showcase "whistling drones" and the "experimental concrete drift which O'Rourke has been exploring for a number of years."

O'Rourke's last Old News release was delivered last fall, but his prolific streak was maintained this year via the multi-volume Steamroom collection.

Old News No. 9:

1. Four Endings 1
2. Four Endings 2
3. Four Endings 3
4. Four Endings 4