Jackson Browne The Very Best of Jackson Browne

Few artists from the last 30 years are more deserving of box set treatment than Jackson Browne. The consistency of his output, the calibre of his songwriting and the quality of his entire catalogue of music is deserving of more than this bare bones double CD set, but it’s better than nothing. One spin through this 32 -cut retrospective will uncover a wealth of memories as it underlines his absolute currency and relevancy. And, as anyone who’s seen his live performances can attest, Browne continues to be the voice of our conscience and a beacon for political and social responsibility amidst the chaos. At the same time, he has provided a soundtrack to a generation weaned on his confessional approach to songwriting and his heated rallying cries against global injustice. The Very Best provides a synopsis of this California soft-rock originator but, at the same time, offers a glimpse into the career of one "Everyman” who has elevated the craft of singer-songwriter into a proud and passionate art form. (Rhino)