Hear umru's Debut EP 'search result'

The release arrives today through PC Music
Hear umru's Debut EP 'search result'
Nearly a year on from earning himself a production credit on Charli XCX's Pop 2, New York producer umru has delivered an original project of his own.

The 19-year-old's debut EP search result arrives today through PC Music, and can be heard in the players below. The effort features appearances from Chicago-based producer and vocalist Laura Les (a.k.a. osno1), LA-based vocalists Ravenna Golden and Lewis Grant, and Australian-bred singer Banoffee.

"I have trouble describing my music, but this project sounds something like the lights flashing across a cathedral ceiling, reflections of the iPads from which a choir reads their music," umru said of the effort. "Every song was very much a collaborative process with the vocalists—i'm really proud of Laura, Ravenna, Lewis, and Banoffee's work, the result is as much their project as it is mine."

He continued: "The songs were written independently, there's no exact overarching narrative, but it's a collection of frustrations, uncertainties, search queries that make sense to me, expressed as much through the project's synthetic voices as its human ones."

Take in search result in the players below.