Deftones Guitarist Stephen Carpenter Quashes Rumours of Exit from Band

Deftones Guitarist Stephen Carpenter Quashes Rumours of Exit from Band
Deftones are set to deliver their new LP Gore next month, and following comments that guitarist Stephen Carpenter didn't initially want to play on the forthcoming record, he has put any rumours of him leaving the band to rest.

In an interview with TeamRock, Carpenter said any tension between him and his bandmates in the studio was no different than any of their other sessions. "That could have been any day. That could have been any album. It could have happened on every record we've ever recorded."

Carpenter went on to blame technology for the blowback, feeling it has made people too emotionally invested in the lives of others.

"Technology has given people so much information and it should have been something that freed us up and be more rational," he said. "Instead everyone is more emotional and stressed, and so heavily invested in the behaviour of other people."

Carpenter continued: "Remember before all this communication? When you didn't have your friends and a bunch of strangers' feeds coming into your life, and you could just enjoy your own life without hearing about all this stuff all the time? You just got on with your life and your problems, and it was all fine. So people need to cool off.

"It has to be understood that it's an awesome invention and it's an awesome platform for people to be able to communicate. But, like everything, it's just been saturated to the point where you can't say anything without all this fallout."

Gore is set to arrive on April 8 through Warner Bros. Records, with the band having already teased its arrival through singles "Doomed User" and "Prayers/Triangles."