Cat Power & Jakob Dylan "You Showed Me" (Turtles cover)

Cat Power & Jakob Dylan 'You Showed Me' (Turtles cover)
Echo in the Canyon is a forthcoming tribute to classic California folk, pop and rock. Consisting of a concert next month and a studio album in early 2016, the project features artists like Beck, Fiona Apple, Cat Power, Regina Spektor and others performing songs by the Byrds, the Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, the Mamas & the Papas and more. We can now preview the project with a cover tune from Cat Power and Wallflowers singer Jakob Dylan.

The pair take on the track "You Showed Me," a song written by Jim McGuinn and Gene Clark of the Byrds and originally performed by the Turtles. Their cover isn't too much of a departure from the slinky, low-key pop vibe of the original, although Cat Power and Dylan transform it into a duet with plinky, faintly tropical tones and lush orchestrations.

Hear it below.

The Echo in the Canyon tribute gig will take place on October 12 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for news about the subsequent album, which is slated to arrive next year.

October 12,