Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento Might Remake 'Demons' in 3-D

Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento Might Remake 'Demons' in 3-D
In 1985, the Italian horror scene added another gem with the Dario Argento/Lamberto Bava team-up Demons. Now, the film might be coming back with a rumoured 3-D remake.

Along with Argento and Bava, the film got its classic look courtesy of special effects great Sergio Stivaletti. In a new interview with DUHD [via Bloody Disgusting], Stivaletti opened up about the possible remake.

"We all wish Italian horror could return again but we know how unlikely that is," Stivaletti said. "We have been speaking about a new Demons movie for a short time now. Dario, Lamberto and myself – maybe a 3D version of Demons, a remake that features the old crew."

He added that he's sure there's an appetite for more Demons in the film world. "We go to conventions across the world and people remember our work. So there is an audience out there for a new Demons movie — we are all sure of it."

Watch the trailer for the original Demons below.